måndag 7 maj 2018

Celebrating grateness

It’s no ordinary day today. It’s my grandfathers birthday, and had he lived he would have celebrated his 100th birthday today. ❤️

He was such a great man and he loved us grandkids unconditionally all through his life. We, my twin sister and me that is, spent our summers at my grandparents house, enjoying the countryside rather than the city.

Our grandfather played with us and filled our life with so much happiness and laughter. He explored the world with us, teaching us everything he knew about nature and its inhabitants. He was my hero, my best friend, my confidant and my anchor.

He was ill the last time I saw him, visiting him in the hospital. I didn’t know or understand how ill he really was, and I don’t think he knew either. He had lost a lot of weight, fast, and he was in some pain, but still he kept smiling and laughing. My daughter, only three months old at the time, laughed with him sitting in his lap, and it meant the world to me seeing them together. His love surrounding her just as it did when I grew up. This is the last picture I took of him and it’s so very precious to me. 

He always made me feel loved and so very unique and special, no matter what. Today it’s my turn to make him feel that way!

So, 100 years old grandpa, can you believe it! That’s really something! I’m sure you’re busy celebrating this special day with grandma and all your family and friends up there, high above the clouds. I’m doing my best to make this a special day down here too, letting the memory of you and the legacy you left behind be a part of my day, celebrating your birthday as if you were here. Going easy on the cake (eating chocolate instead) and drinking your favourite, a cup of silver tea (might be a Swedish thing, just hot water with some milk and sugar) while smiling and going through old photos. What a great man you are, still putting a smile in my heart every day.

I’m so proud of you grandpa, and I know I told you before you left, but I would have been lost without you in my life. So lost. I told you every time we spoke or wrote each other, that I love you, and I can promise you that I’ll never stop. I still miss you terribly. I can still remember listening to your heart beating in my ear when I hugged you. I can still hear your voice and feel your arms around me when you hugged me back. I can still feel your love.

Happy birthday grandpa! Enjoy your day and let the celebrations continue on all through the night! You deserve it! And I know you love the attention from your friends and family. Give grandma and Tusse my love! I miss you all! ❤️

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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