söndag 1 april 2018

Kitchen stuff

Hello you,
I’ve missed writing you guys, but I’ve forced myself to stay away from the blog focusing on my little family and my everyday life. Spending time online is all good when it doesn’t take away time from what’s important in life, and I’ve come to realise that it almost always do. Stealing precious time, that is. So less time for me out here, writing you guys, and more time where it truly makes a difference. Having said that though, I miss writing my blog. It’s been a way for me to release a sort of pressure, letting go of things or just getting things off my mind. And I miss doing that. Anyways, I’ve made this decision with myself and loved ones in mind, so I’m sticking to it. I’ll just have to find other ways of letting go, and I’m sure I will, eventually. 😁

Today I’m stopping by to show you the new and improved kitchen, after over a month of renovations, as promised. My mom reminded me yesterday that I hadn’t done that yet. So here we go!

White and gray is the new colours in this kitchen. The cabinets are from IKEA. Here in Sweden they’re named Bodbyn, not sure if you can get them every where around the world or if they’re named the same, but you could always find out on IKEA’s website if you’re interested. The dishwasher is a built in one, in the middle cabinet in this picture. The white door (used to be green) enters into a large pantry.

All the appliances in the kitchen are from Siemens, except for the fridge (Bosch), and I love them! We’ve installed appliances from Siemens in all our kitchens (this is our fifth kitchen- yes, we’ve moved a lot - in 10 years). The quality is just great and they’re easy to use and clean. 

The next step is sanding the floors, but that’ll have to wait. I can’t think of being without a kitchen again right now, I need to enjoy being able to cook again first. Maybe I’ll be ready to do that later this year, we’ll see. We still have some painting to do and putting up an air vent above the fridge, but those are minor things. In all I’m very happy with my new kitchen and it truly makes all the difference to this apartment. ❤️ 

Now I’m off again. Please let me know what you think! 

Happy Easter to all of you!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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