fredag 9 februari 2018

Beautiful day

It’s been a beautiful day here in Uppsala today. So beautiful in fact that I had to leave work early, around two in the afternoon. I just had this urge to feel the sun kissing my face, it’s been so long. It felt like I hadn’t seen the sun in weeks (which of course is a huge exaggeration). So I left. And took a slow walk in the sunshine. Wearing this happy smile on my face when listening to the snow melting and the birds singing. I didn’t even care that it’s a recording here at campus, the birds singing. A nice touch though. First time I heard it I stopped and looked around excitedly for the birds, trying to catch a glimpse of them, until I realised there weren’t any around. Correction, there’s always birds around campus, just not the once on the recording (at least not that I know of).

Still got my perfectly imperfect skin, but the glasses almost covers the mark after the biopsy.

I started off my day with an early morning workout at the gym. Such a great start to the day! And it was leg day so it was a good one too! I absolutely love leg day!

I’m not sure I made my legs happy though. I really, really made them work hard today and I just might have overdone it. I mean really overdone it! They’ve been acting like over cooked spaghetti all day and now they’re very sore. Like “icouldstartcryingwhentryingtositdownorleavingmycouch”-kind of sore. 😆

But I’m going swimming tomorrow morning, so hopefully I’ll make the pain/soreness go away. And on Sunday I’ve got an hour booked with my PT so I’m really hoping the swimming will do the trick. As it is I’m both looking and sounding like an old lady when trying to leave the couch. 😂

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Laters babes! 

Over and out 

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