fredag 3 november 2017

Short day at work

I left work at 12,30 today, and although being a short day it was completely packed with meetings and urgent issues needing my attention. But after having driven to work in full sunshine this morning, nothing could get me in a bad mood or feeling stressed. Even my heart was filled with smiles! ❤️☀️

Tomorrow I’m planning on sleeping in (usually backfires when you have a five year old in the family, but I’ll try 😆) and enjoying a slow breakfast before leaving mini me at her BFFs house on a play date. And I’m changing tires on my car, well not me exactly, but the guys on the workshop will. It’s been icy a few days this week when driving to work, so I need to get my winter tires on to drive safe. Do you change tires on your car too during winter, or is this a Swedish thing? 

Laters babes!

Over and out

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