onsdag 8 november 2017

I know

I know, I’ve been a terrible blogger these last few days. I’ll try to do better. I haven’t been busy, I just haven’t felt that usual need to write. Strange. But hopefully I’m back at it now!

I’ve had a busy day at work, lots of meetings and interviewing people for a position at my department. As you know I like being busy, and when “being busy” also entails meeting new and interesting people, well then I consider that to be a successful day!

As I’m sure I’ve told you multiple times, this time of year is truly not a favourite of mine. The days are just too short! Arriving at work in the morning when it’s still dark out, and then driving home in darkness too, without having been outside in daylight - I hate that! 
I do admit though, it’s nice to cuddle up on the couch at night and lighting candles, while drinking a cup of tea and relaxing with my kindle at night. And these dark and cold nights are perfect for that! 👌🏻

Only one more workday left this week. On Friday I’m leaving for Copenhagen and a weekend of fun (hopefully). First time ever that I travel on my own (outside of work), and it’s kind of scary. But it’s a challenge, a fun one, that I’m looking forward to experience! Have you traveled on your own?

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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