tisdag 31 oktober 2017

Slow night

Haven’t really been doing anything productive since I got home from work. Have you? I’ve been looking online for new furniture to our new apartment, but as I don’t have the correct measurements yet it’s really just a waste of time. I won’t be ordering anything before I know it’ll fit the room. Been there, done that. 

Buying my own first apartment, quite a few years back (but let’s not get sidetracked here 😜) I ordered all the furniture before having gotten the keys to the apartment. The couch and the two armchairs I had imagine to be perfect, turned out to be huge in that living room and claimed most of the space, making it feel cramped. And the kitchen table didn’t fit the kitchen at all, so I had to return it. So this time around I’m waiting until I can measure the rooms before placing an order. 😜 But at least I got an idea of what I want.

Now I’m off to bed though. I have an early morning workout in the gym planned first thing tomorrow. Need to be at my best = well rested for that.

Laters babes!

Over and out

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