tisdag 10 oktober 2017

Passing time

My day has been just as busy as I predicted it would be, I didn’t even have time for lunch. I know, that is not a good thing, and combined with me drinking buckets of coffee it’s a disaster waiting to happen. đŸ˜± So when I got back home today I decided I would do nothing but relax. No household chores, no planning ahead or preparing for the showing of our apartment on Sunday, just a quiet evening with my little one. Not even cooking dinner, just enjoying a simple sandwich or two. As easy as it gets. Mini me loves sandwiches so to her this was a perfect dinner. I don’t really agree with her on that, but today I needed to keep it simple. 😋

But I was so worked up and high on caffeine so I had a hard time relaxing. Feeling more bored and uneasy about not doing anything. Probably so because I know tomorrow will be just as busy at work. But! After I put mini me to bed I lay down in a hot bubble bath forcing myself only to think about how to get my body and mind to relax. The warm water helped my muscles to let go of the tension and after a while my mind followed with. Just breathing and focusing on being present, right here, right now. Letting go of the day that has passed and ignoring what is to come tomorrow. 

So here I am now, relaxed and ready for sleep. I’ll start my busy day tomorrow by having a run on the treadmill at my gym. Keeping my promise to my PT about not working out this week (I know, technically running is working out too, but we’re in agreement that I could run). Looking forward to that. My muscles are still sore after Sunday’s PT session so it’ll be good to get them moving tomorrow. 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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