tisdag 24 oktober 2017

Beach day

Words from home is telling us about temperatures closing in on subzero and snow falling not far from home. Being a beach lover news like that kinds of make you question where you live in the world. We’ve had + 26-28 C here since arriving and that’s more like my preferred temperature. So knowing what awaits us on Saturday when we wake up in our beds at home again, we’ll that kinda makes it easier to truly enjoy our time here. Easy choice this morning then when looking out on a clear blue sky, a day at the beach was a given!

Such an easy choice!

It might look like it, but I wasn’t really as alone on the beach as you might think. But it wasn’t hard either to find a spot to occupy for the day. 
Me enjoying myself in the sun. ❤️

And yes, I had to have some ice cream to top of my Kindle date!

Newly showered and ready for dinner!

Such a beautiful walk, as the sun was setting.

And the light on the other side of the beach walk was so much brighter (at least for another minute or two) as the sun was setting. Strange how it can look so different just turning around on the spot.

After dinner I had the best ice cream I’ve ever had! Leche Merengada. Absolutely divine! Cinnamon and lemon. I could eat that every day for the rest of my life and nothing else, and still be happy! Pure joy! I don’t care if it makes me fat, I’ll eat that every day here until we fly home! 😂

How’s your day been?

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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