onsdag 18 oktober 2017

Back pains and sunshine

I’ve had problems with my back ever since my baby was born almost six years ago. I gained over 25 kilos in weight when being pregnant with her and maybe it’s all that extra weight that gave me these problems? I’m not completely sure where they come from, but it’s easy to blame the pregnancy. I’ve done x-rays, I’ve seen countless of doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists, and at times the pains have been next to none, and, as now, the pain is taking over completely. Making it hard to find a suitable position to feel pain relief and doing terrible things to my posture. And making me eat painkillers as candy (not strong ones, have decided to stay away from those). 

I’m not sure what started the pains this time, but I admit that it might have to do with me working out like a crazy person in Canada. At least that is when I started feeling the pain intensify. I’ve tried to rest my back muscles from heavy lifting and only stuck to running last week, but it doesn’t seem to have helped, so I’m not doing that either this week. Only resting. And seeing my chiropractor tomorrow! I had planned to do that after getting back from Spain, but making my appointment online tonight I found a spot tomorrow at lunchtime so I snatched that! I hope he can help me with the worst pain, and gives me the right exercises to keep it away! Fingers crossed! đŸ€žđŸ»

But! Although feeling that constant pain in my spine, I can’t feel anything other than happiness as the last ray of sunshine hits my face on the way home from work! What a beautiful autumn day we’ve had today! The air crisp and a bit chilly, and the sunshine making the yellow and orange leafs on the ground glow like gold. A day made for happy smiles!

I’ll tell you all about my visit at my chiropractor tomorrow! 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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