måndag 23 oktober 2017

Another train ride

I haven’t really been great at working out since I got here, but at least I went on a powerwalk this morning as the sun was rising from the ocean.

Today I took the train in the opposite direction from yesterday’s scenic route, this one not quite as scenic, but in parts really beautiful. The destination for the day was Alicante. A visit at the food hall (that is supposedly amazing), enjoying a really tasty Spanish lunch and then a short shopping session at Primark. Those were the goals. The food market was a disappointment, mostly because we arrived too late to be able to enjoy all of it. Many of the stalls were closed down already, but visiting in the morning is probably a more enjoyable event. The lunch was kind of mediocre, I only had potata bravas, and they were tasty, but the others food was kind of bland and tasteless. I didn’t try it though, so I’m not complaining, I was happy with my order.
The shopping was a success though. Well, at least for mini me who almost got a totally new wardrobe. Primark is really cheap and the quality isn’t super great, but their clothes are perfect to use at kindergarten! So she got five pairs of trousers, one pj, seven panties, six pairs of socks, one shirt, four jumpers, one t-shirt, two winter hats and gloves. She was very happy when leaving. 

After shopping for mini me, I deserved some Häagen-Dazs. Dulce de leche and chocolate for me!

A train ride back and it was getting dark as we stepped inside the house again. 

Love the view from the balcony! 

And how everyone dry their laundry outside. You rarely see that happening in Sweden.

Now I’m off to bed. Tomorrow morning I’m going for a run! 👌🏻

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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