söndag 17 september 2017

Sunday run day

I had planned to go to the gym today, but I decided on a run instead. Need to find my way back to that flow I had when running this summer. I like running on the treadmill but it's more challenging to run outside. I did get a good run today, but I still struggle with finding my pace. I think I just have to go and buy myself a running watch so that I can find my pace and stick to it. Any tips on which one to buy?

Mini me spent a few hours at her BFFs celebrating her fifth birthday with a party. She wanted to "look like a princess", so I spent almost an hour curling her hair this morning. As many of you know since reading old entries on my blog, I don't post pictures of people without getting their consent, and as mini me is only five years old, I make that decision for her which basically means that I don't post pictures of her here (if you can see her face). So no pictures of my little princess here today.

So, how's your Sunday going?

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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