söndag 24 september 2017

Slow Sunday

I’ve had a really comfy Sunday with mini me. My husband had to go to work, so we had an all girls day. We had some really nice talks, and we took care of all the mushrooms we picked yesterday, but mostly we were just comfy, lazing around. 

Always accompanied by my little guy of course. He’s still tired after playing around with mini me and her cousins yesterday evening. He let them drive him around in mini me’s doll stroller, pretending he was there baby. I guess that could make anyone tired. 😆

It’s funny that it doesn’t really matter how much mushrooms you pick, when done with all the cleaning and parboiling it seems like 80% of your catch is gone. 😆 I put three rather small bags of funnel chanterelles in the freezer when done. And an even smaller one with the chanterelles. Then I made a roast for dinner and served with a cream sauce with the rest of the funnel chanterelles. It tasted divine. 👌🏻 I need to go out in the woods again to fill the freezer with these goodies! But it’ll have to wait until I get back from Canada. Less than a week now until I leave. Really looking forward to that business trip, but I’ll miss my family very much. ❤️

How’s your day going? Having fun?

Laters babes!

Over and out

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