lördag 16 september 2017

Best friends forever

My best friend visited us today with her gorgeous kids. I've told you about her in earlier blog entries, about how we fell in love at first sight, (yes, friends can do that too) like true soulmates. She's such an amazing person, so warmhearted and beautiful. Love u to bits babe! So thankful to be in your life and being your bestie! ❤️

We had a bit of fun with Snapchat, me and Jezz. Maybe you should get the app too, babe? It's so much fun, as you learned today. 

Jezz's son and mini me has known each other since they're just a few weeks old, and they're great together. If we have any say in things they'll end up marrying. 😂
For now they're happy being best friends, as their mummy's. ❤️

I'm not really fond of autumn, summer is more my thing, although the beauty of it doesn't pass me by unnoticed. And the crisp and fresh air feels amazing breathing in. I do, however, like burning candles and now that autumn is here, so is the high season of candles. So I bought two new candle holders today, from Lagerhaus. Love them!

Now I'm off to enjoy my first night alone in ages. Hubby is working and mini me is already asleep. After having played with her "boyfriend" all afternoon and evening she fell asleep almost the same moment she put her head on the pillow. ❤️

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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