lördag 12 augusti 2017

Tastes of summer

Today I went picking strawberries and raspberries with the family, and that includes my twin and her family. We always do this once a year, to fill the freezer with the red gold of summer. I guess we could start calling it a tradition by now as it's been a yearly event since mini me's first summer, five years back.

I would have thought it was too late to pick strawberries, but apparently not. We've had a cold summer here in Sweden so the berries have used a long time ripening making them very sweet. Even more than usual. 

The raspberries were just as sweet and I dare not tell you the amount I ate while picking them...so, so good! And yes, it's allowed! 😜

So I'll be spending my night taking care of all this red gold! Making some jam, a few pies and just cleaning and putting a lot into bags and then into the freezer to eat/enjoy during the dark and cold winter ahead. 

What have you been doing this fine Saturday?

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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