mÄndag 21 augusti 2017

Muscle soreness

Those of you having been pregnant might just more easily relate to this blog entry than others. Why? Well, remember those last few weeks of the pregnancy when you couldn't see your toes anymore and when a dropped item had to remain on the floor because going down to get it would mean staying down? Like a ladybug stranded on her back, with no way of coming up again without help. That would be me today. Not because of being nine months pregnant (or pregnant at all for that matter, all done with that) or overweight. No, purely because my leg and butt muscles are burning like they're on fire when I try to use them. Having the worst muscle soreness! So bending down today means staying down. 😂

But I'm really not complaining. I enjoy this kind of pain as it's a sign of me having done a good job in the gym! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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