mÄndag 14 augusti 2017

Let the week begin

I've so much to look forward to this week! First day back at work after a total of six weeks of vacation (not counting the hours I've been working while on leave) and I'm truly happy to be back. Of course I'm going to miss sleeping in and being with my family all day long, but I love my job so going back is great fun too. And besides all that fun, and meeting all the great employees and colleagues, I'm also going on a dinner date with three of my former colleagues later this week. And I'm meeting up with my amazing mentor and friend on Friday and then he and I are going on another friends book release party on Friday afternoon. So looking forward to that! Friday is going to be amazing!

I think my jar with chocolate candy in my office has been more missed than me during this summer! It stood upside down, and very much empty on my desk today! So of course I went out to buy some chocolate to make everyone happy again! 😆

I tried a little more healthy alternative snack, a protein (peas) bar with chocolate and no added sugar. Dates, pea proteins, cashew nuts and chocolate. Have to admit it wasn't super tasty; being a bit dry, too sweet (to many dates perhaps) and I almost didn't taste the chocolate at all. I'm not sure I would have guessed it contained chocolate if I hadn't read it before eating. But I'm a chocolate nerd/addict, so I'm a bit picky.

But I made up for that lack of chocolate taste by eating some of my favourite when drinking tea this evening. 😆 I just have to work harder at the gym tomorrow...

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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