fredag 18 augusti 2017

Important people

Today I've met two people that has been/still are really important in making me grow as a person and as a leader. One of them is my former boss, great friend and mentor, Jonas, and the other one is Catharina that I met when attending a leadership development program a few years back. As always I had a really great talk with Jonas and as usual he challenges me to be brave and do stuff that I on pure instinct (due to lack of confidence) would say no to. 

I know, this filter doesn't really seem appropriate when being serious and talking about really important people in my life, but a caring and happy smile is always a good thing, right? ❤️

Catharina has written a book with a friend and today I was invited to attend her book release party together with Jonas who also knows Catharina through that leadership program, and of course We just had to be there. I'm so looking forward to reading her book! 

Translating into "The teenage book", Tonårsboken is a book that gives you perspectives on being a parent to teenagers. Giving you views on the challenges you meet parenting teens and inspires you to do what's right for you and your family. So far you can only read it in Swedish, and if you want to buy it you'll find it here

Now I'm back home drinking tea as I reflect on today's talks, feeling blessed to have such great people in my life! 

Jonas has an amazing podcast, also in Swedish, and you can listen to it here! It's a truly great one, so go listen! 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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