fredag 25 augusti 2017

Friday love

I need a bubble bath! A hot, bubbly and relaxing bubble bath. To celebrate the end of a busy and eventful week. And maybe some massage and chocolate to go with. But most of all I want to be spoiled. And if I don't get to be by others, I'll just spoil myself rotten! It's Friday and I deserve it! ❤️

I started off my morning with an early morning pre work workout at the gym, and I had a great run warming up. I'm not a long distance runner, in fact, I've always hated running. But it's great exercise so I keep up with it, although mostly stopping at 2-4 kilometres. I would never, and I truly mean NeVEr, run 10 kilometres voluntarily which I see most people running on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. It's just not my thing. I even hated it when playing soccer (a lot of hate going on there for 12 years as you can imagine). I like to run short distances, as fast as I can, and when I played soccer that was my specialty, outrunning everyone else! But, I know I need to run, and I knew it back then when playing soccer. I just make sure to run an acceptable distance! Now I'm resting tomorrow and getting back into the gym again on Sunday.

What are you doing tonight? Any plans for the weekend? 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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