onsdag 16 augusti 2017


I had an appointment with my hairdresser after work today. I haven't been there since the week before Midsummer (end of June), so I really needed her to do her magic! And she did! 

Before picture!

I love going to my hairdresser after work. It's a great way of stressing down and forget about everything needing my attention! She's super nice and we share a lot of interests, like interior design and travels, so we always have things to talk about. And it's never weird if we end up staying quiet. Love that! I've changed quite a few hairdressers over the years just because of feeling uncomfortable as they seemed nervous about needing to find things to talk about because they didn't want the conversation to end. I'm not sure why, but I guess some people just don't like silence. I do. But I don't like forced conversations! 

Anyways, Medina (my hairdresser), listened in on my need of change and we decided on a new colour, not as light blonde (summer blonde) as I've had the last months, but not dark enough for me to feel less of a blonde. I've tried dark hair (brown, really dark brown) and I didn't like it. I was born blonde and I'll stay blonde as long as I can. 

My new hair colour! And I like it! Medina always gets it right. If you need a great hairdresser you should definitely try Medina! Send me a message if you want to get in contact with her! 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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