fredag 4 augusti 2017

A healthier choice

I'm trying to eat healthier as I've committed to build back the strength in my core and back to get rid of my pain. Working out around 4-5 times a week demands that I make the right choices when it comes to food too. And adding to that I've decided to cut down on sugar, and by that I mean sweets like candy, ice cream and cookies. I won't stop enjoying fruit and other natural sugars, but I might cut down a bit.

So today I made Swedish sweets, chockladbollar (chocolate ball), but a healthier version of them. With no added sugar; just; raw cacao powder, dates, coconut oil, organic pay flakes (gluten free), a pinch of sea salt and espresso. Tastes divine, I can promise you that!

Mini me loves them too!

Tomorrow we're going to the library, me and her. So looking forward to that! You know how I love books, so it's like walking into a candy store for kids although I won't be eating any books! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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