fredag 14 juli 2017

Windy at the beach

I've spent the entire day at the beach, except for an hour when I went to a restaurant to have lunch. And it's been a windy day! The good thing with windy days are that you don't really feel the heat from the sun. The bad thing about a windy day is that you don't feel the heat from the sun! 😝 I managed to get sunburns on both my arms and my tummy. But I made sure mini me was covered in sunscreen over and over again during the day, so she's fine. Had been great if I had thought to do that to myself too, but it never crossed my mind as I didn't feel warm. Stupid! But I'll learn from it, for sure!

I just have to show you the tasty paella I had for lunch. It was delicious! đŸ‘ŒđŸ»

But, as always here in Spain, the portions is way too big for me! It's almost embarrassing having to leave at least half of what they plate for me. Today my husband helped finishing off my food so we didn't have to leave any. We ate at a great restaurant, called Le Cabanon. The owner is a Norwegian lady and she's super friendly as is all her staff. I really recommend you a visit. The restaurant is beautifully situated by the beach in Villajoyosa.

After a shower and a siesta I went for a run. I went on a little bit longer route today so that I could try out a new set of stairs. Almost died running up and down on them, but it was worth it. But as I had two ice creams today I punished my body by running up my usual hill and stairs as well!

And I was totally spent afterwards! And sweaty! It felt like it was pouring down all over my body. So it felt good to jump into the shower again!

Now I'm off to sleep! Have a great Friday friends and an even greater weekend!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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