söndag 23 juli 2017

Walkabout Alicante

It's been a long and fun day, starting in Villajoyosa and ending in Alicante. I'm staying at the hotel Amerigo in Alicante and I'm really enjoying my stay so far. The room is big, the beds are very comfy and the view is just as great as that in Villajoyosa.

Castillo Santa Barbra up on the mountain, which I'll probably will. Is it tomorrow. đŸ‘ŒđŸ»

And of course the rooftop view from my balcony. I'll try to get some writing done here too. With views like this you just can't NOT write! đŸ‘ŒđŸ»

The sunshine followed with to Alicante! đŸ‘ŒđŸ»

So we a tarted off the early afternoon by the pool and then left for some shopping that ended up in a nearly three hours long walk around Alicante. I took a lot of video snaps from the walk that you can watch on my Snapchat. 

Back at the hotel again we had some tapas for dinner (eating dinner att 22:00 is so off my normal routines) before going back to our room and climbed right into bed. Mini me's sleeping already and I'm probably next in line. Super tired! And with a bit of a pain in my left ear. I've never had an ear infection so I'm not sure how that feels like, but hopefully it's just something temporary. It hurts when I swallow, chew or just move my jaw a bit too much. And in between the pain my ear is really itchy. I took some painkillers before going to bed so fingers crossed that it'll be gone tomorrow. đŸ€žđŸ»

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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