söndag 2 juli 2017

The young and the old

I've spent the day at my BFFs today. We had a great time chatting and watching the kids play. My friend Jezz isn't only just an amazing best friend, she's also a great cook, and she started off our date with a heavenly rhubarb pie and then ended it with a super tasty barbecue dinner and yummy dessert! 

AND she's beautiful too! 😍 Both on the inside and the outside! ❤️

We've known each other for over five years now, me and Jezz, and it was truly love at first sight! Yes, you can fall in love as best friends too! It's allowed and it happens, we're living proof! 😉 It feels like we've always known each other, like old souls meeting up again in a new life. Soulmates! We met in a group for new parents in our little village, just a week or two after our babies were born (they're a week apart). And from that day, we've been close. ❤️ So, not only are we the best of friends, our kids are too. Mini me and M (her boyfriend - fingers crossed) has been best friends since before they could walk or talk. And hopefully their friendship will continue on although growing up a bit further apart since we moved back in to Uppsala. So far the distance in miles has done nothing to change it, and hopefully it'll stay that way. Whenever they get together they play like they've never been apart! Love that! And they look so, so cute together. ❤️

Thank you for today, beautiful, you're the best. I love you to bits, you know that. You always make me feel amazing - appreciated, safe, happy and loved! The world is a better place because you're in it! ❤️

Laters babes!

Over and out 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Men Ă„Ă„Ă„Ă„Ă„Ă„ va fint skrivet finaste du! Jag blir alldeles varm om hjĂ€rtat. Ja, det var verkligen kĂ€rlek vid första ögonkastet. Jag minns vĂ„rt första möte som igĂ„r... Jag kĂ€nde direkt att Henne vill jag lĂ€ra kĂ€nna! Jag Ă€r sĂ„ tacksam över att fĂ„ ha dig i mitt liv vackra Katrin. Älskar dig - nu och för alltid.
    Puss och kÀrlek frÄn Jessica

    1. Tack babe! ❤️
      Älsk och puss pĂ„ dig