lördag 8 juli 2017

Sunshine and pineapples

I've spent the day on the beach bathing both in water and in sunshine. No clouds in sight and just a perfect breeze to take away the worst heat from the sun. 

Fruits are so much cheaper and tastier down here in Spain. So I indulge in them. Today's snacks; pineapple! 

And no, I haven't been a complete lazy butt, I built a sandcastle too! The funny thing is that mini me asked me like a million times to build one with her, but as soon as I put that shovel in the sand, she left! She just wants to get the bucket, fill it up with water and then pour it around the castle. But, it got built, so I did my part!

It's a beautiful night in Villajoyosa and if we weren't so tired we would be down there in one of the restaurants. Maybe tomorrow, tonight I'll just snuggle up in bed and date my Kindle. I'm just finishing off another series that I've been reading, from one of my favourite authors in Romance; Pepper Winters. 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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