tisdag 11 juli 2017

Resting in the shade

Today my body told me to take a moment. Lying out in the sun I started to feel dizzy, so I went back home to the apartment. Since getting back I've showered and been making sure to rehydrate. I'm sure it's not just the suns fault that I'm feeling dizzy, but also my own. I lay awake reading until 3 in the morning and then the swallows outside woke me up a quarter to eight in the morning. So I need sleep. 

I'm guessing it's a big annoying that I'm posting beach pictures and snaps every day, so maybe I'll hold back tomorrow. 😋

Very hot today. The sand is not walkable without shoes on. You'll burn your feet!

So, now I'm off to eat an early dinner (or super late lunch - you pick!) and then I'm going to lay down for a little nap. 😊

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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