lördag 29 juli 2017

PT time

I have this huge advantage when it comes to training and training right. One of my absolute best friends is also a PT. I've told you about this before, but it doesn't hurt mentioning again. We once worked together and became best of friends off from work too. And that friendship has remained for years, and will continue on doing so. He knows me so well, everything worth knowing and most things not worth knowing too. I trust him completely and he always makes me feel safe to be me. I don't have to guard myself or keep up any appearances, he sees through them any way. 

The good thing about him knowing me so well is that he knows all my weaknesses. The bad thing about him knowing me so well is that he knows all my weaknesses (yes I'm repeating myself, but wait for it) and he doesn't accept my bad excuses when I'm trying to sneak my way out of a hard exercise at the gym! 😝

 Today we had our first PT session since forever, and I was totally spent afterwards! But I felt absolutely great! We targeted all my weak spots and we've made plans for the months to come. We decided on which exercises I could do on my own and which ones we will focus on when training together once a weak. He also told me to rest more between my runs, and maybe not run every other day as I've done the last couple of weeks. We'll see, I like that I got my strength and endurance back, but maybe he's right. I don't want to overwork it either.

We ended the day with a movie night date. "Atomic Blonde" with Charlize Theron. Well worth seeing and the music was great! A lot of old goodies from the 1980's. 

How's your Saturday been? Done anything fun?

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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