lördag 15 juli 2017

Heavenly chocolate

Today I visited the chocolate museum and today's production of Valor chocolates here in Villajoyosa. 

I guess the guided tour in the museum would have been more fun if it had been in English and not Spanish (as I don't speak Spanish), but I got the essentials. It would also have been more fun to see the production in full capacity, but as it was Saturday they only had a small production of sugar free chocolate going and it was close to closing time. But, that might just have been me. I've worked in logistics and a really interesting in production lines, and it wasn't much of that to be explored today. And of course you weren't allowed to take pictures inside the factory itself so I can't show you any. 

Mini me enjoyed the museum though, here on a table showing how they made the chocolate way back when, everything by hand of course.

The most fun part of the visit was of course when we got to taste the different kinds of chocolate that they produce, and buy some too.

And I didn't go all in, but some chocolates followed with me home in a bag. 👌🏻

Ended my day with some snacks and a writing session high among the rooftops in old town Villajoyosa.

Perfection! Such a great place to write! Looking forward to continue on with it tomorrow, biut for now Im off to bed.

Hope you've had/will have a great Saturday!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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