onsdag 5 juli 2017

Fighting evil

Two years ago a 17 year old girl disappeared on her way home from work in a very idyllic and serene part of Sweden. In a place where you would not have thought to meet evil. Her name was Lisa, and almost everyone in Sweden knows of her name and her tragic destiny.

She met evil, in person, and he ended her life. Brutally and viciously. For days the search for her went on, involving more and more people. We came together and travelled from all over Sweden to help in the search for her. Hoping she would be found, safe and well. When she was found dead, we all mourned her. We all felt the pain and the fear. I remember writing about her, and honouring her memory on my blog. Airing my own fear about not being able to feel safe where you once did. Where you thought evil didn't exist. And about how you as a parent fight hard trying to protect your child from evil, and feeling lost when realising you can't. 

Tonight I drove by the graveyard where Lisa is buried. So I stopped. I wanted to pay my respect and letting her know that we still remember, we still care. I lay a small pebble stone, almost in the shape of a heart, close to her headstone (where it wouldn't be in the way), and I sent her love, where ever she might be. Her death will not be in vain, and she will never be forgotten. And her memory will not drown in darkness. It will not be laced with evil. I will let it be a ray of light in my heart, remembering how people came together from all parts of our country to find her. How we comforted each other, even though we were strangers, when we learned of her destiny. All for her. All for love.

Her killer was soon found and sentenced to life in prison. I have chosen to forget his name and his face. I will not acknowledge his existence other than to learn of evil. It is not my place to judge or to forgive, I leave that to the judges and to her family. He took away peace, love and the serenity of a part of our land, but we will take it back! We will not be afraid. We will love, and we will feel safe knowing our strength and ability in coming together as one in the search for a young girl we didn't even know. ❤️

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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