mÄndag 17 juli 2017

Evening walk

Villajoyosa is such a beautiful city, especially down by the ocean and in old town. Of course my iPhone pictures doesn't really make it justice but here are some pictures from my evening walk. If you're interested in more pictures you could go to Snapchat and look at my videos. But first a picture from my day at the beach. 

I have this thing where I dig a hole in the sand and push the sand up over one side, creating like a huge wall. Then I put my towel over the hole and the wall - creating a super comfy sand chair! It was my brother in law that taught me this way, way back when we went to Thailand together the first time. The sand chair is perfect for back support when you want to read when sun bathing. So why am I telling you this? I'm telling you because I think I might have started a trend here on Villajoyosa beach with my sand chairs!

On the picture above I've just moved from one spot on the beach to another. And then what happened? 

The couple under the yellow umbrella behind me moved to my "old spot" and reused my sand chairs! Super funny! 😄

We had talked about going to Alicante today, but when we woke up we felt like another day at the beach. We have one more week here before going to Alicante for our last two days in Spain for this trip. We're coming back again in mid October but I'm guessing we won't have 32 C and sunshine all days then. 

We stopped for dinner and drinks by the beach at a little restaurant/gelateria that we're quite fond of, Happy Days Ice Cream Gelateria. I've told you about them before. Love it!

I had the salad and mini me the waffle. I wouldn't mind the waffle though, it smelled delicious, but as I can't eat gluten I really didn't have a choice this time. And the salad was perfect! đŸ‘ŒđŸ»

After dinner we strolled around in old town. There are cute little alleyways everywhere and it's almost like a maze.

Love it.

And here and there there's something quite unexpected, like this beautiful little fountain on a small square.

Or orange trees!

Or a sleeping cat high above ground. 😍

So pretty!

I'll try to take better pictures another day, but these will have to be enough for now. ❤️

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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