tisdag 4 juli 2017

Comfortably slow

It's been a comfortably slow and easy day here up on the mountain. The cats are living their dream, roaming free as they please. 

Here, trying their best to willing a wagtail to stay long enough on the ground for them to chase it. It didn't work! 😆 They've catched a few butterflies but that's about it. 

They've also met the sheep. The whole thing ended in the cats being chased out of the sheep pastures by five as curios sheep.

I walked down to my father in laws old family cottage late afternoon. It's just down the road from their house (like a 100 meters away), and it's so pretty. It was built in the early 1800, and my father in law has spent a lot of time to restore it to its former glory. His grandmother lived in this small cottage with her husband and six children. 

The living room. 

Same room, from another angle. The door to the kitchen on the right side of the fireplace.

The kitchen. The old wood burning stove and bread oven still works. 

The only bedroom. With a huge tiled stove. 

The bedroom seen from the entry hall. 
I love this little cottage. It's now used as a summer house for friends and family to my in laws. I've never stayed the night, but we often visit.

The back of the house, with a door down to the cellar (open in this picture) and a door into the kitchen. 

Mini me borrowed her grandfathers binoculars and claimed she saw a deer, but I'm pretty sure she didn't! 😄

Now I'm taking my phone and Kindle back inside. The sun is still up, as you can see, but it's getting kind of chilly.

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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