torsdag 20 juli 2017

Beach mode

I've spent the day, again, at the beach. Yes, I know, it's getting boring and you don't want to see another pic of the ocean or me in a bikini! But, bear with me! I'll only be here in Villajoyosa for another three days, then I'm off to Alicante for my last two nights in Spain for this trip. 

So I spent most of my day dating my Kindle whilst the sun kissed my skin (and gave me a slight sunburn). 😆

Still haven't found these back home in Sweden. Pity, they're super tasty! Schweppes Limon! I've always bought them on my trips to Thailand so I'm happy to see that you can buy them here too! đŸ‘ŒđŸ»

And speaking about drinks, I had one...or two, tonight as well. 

I just had to! Finding out that Central Perk is to be found here (and not in New York) was a great surprise!  But this one seems to be focused more on drinks than coffee. 😆😂 But kind of a good try. With the couch and all! Funny thing! Anyways, their mojito was really tasty, but their Pina Colada was just too sweet for my liking. 

Now I'm off to bed, feeling a bit bad that I didn't go running tonight. My legs just wasn't up to it, I'll give it a try in the morning instead. Need to conquer that bloody hill before I leave Villajoyosa! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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