mÄndag 3 juli 2017

A house on a mountain

Today we drove south, me and my little family. The car packed with three big suitcases, two cats (and all their stuff), a bag with toys for mini me and a huge bag of food that would have gone to waste in our refrigerator when away. Oh, almost forgot; and two bags that we're using for hand luggage on our flight to Spain on Thursday. Might not sound like much, but believe me, the car was almost bursting because of it all. 

The destination for our trip was a mountain, Billingen, where my in laws live. A beautiful house up on a beautiful mountain. The cats are going to stay here while we're in Spain. They've been here before, and they love it here. And this time I think they might just like it more than ever since they haven't been outside on their own since we moved into the city. When here, on this mountain, they'll be allowed out whenever they want (starting tomorrow).

Love this place. ❤️

They acted as if they were right at home as soon as they got out of their cages. No fear, just happy and curious. 

I'm looking forward to watching them venture outside tomorrow. ❤️

Mini me rushed over to her sheep Charlie (yes, same name as our cat, she made it easy for herself when naming them) when we got here and gave her some love - and carrots and bread. 😉

I'll show you more pictures tomorrow from this beautiful mountain. But now I'm off to bed. 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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