lördag 17 juni 2017

Summer's here

What a great day I've had. Clear blue skies, sunshine and fun family time. We went to a lake just outside the city, Länna lake, and enjoyed a few hours of swimming (not me, I don't go into the water if it's under + 25-26 C) and sunbathing! 
It's so pretty there! And it was surprisingly few people there! Usually it's packed with people wanting to enjoy the water! 
I love spending time on the beach! And yes, I wear sunscreens, the highest possible (which means 50)!
Mini me loves flowers no matter how small! And it's like a calling, she has to pick them too! And give them to mum! 😍
And she loves feeding the ducks in Fyrisån. And the view of the Uppsala cathedral in the background is just amazing! This is one of my favourite spots in Uppsala. And I admit, I like feeding the ducks too! 

Now I'm about to start enjoying a movie night with hubby! Mini me is sleeping (or at least soon I hope) and we're cuddling up on the couch!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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