lördag 10 juni 2017

Saturday fun

It's been a nice and easy Saturday for me and my little family. Nothing out of the ordinary, but fun. Some shopping, some fun and some everyday necessities (like laundry, cooking food and so on).
We had take out for lunch, Chinese food. And Charlie the cat was very interested in my fortune cookie.  
Afterwards we went for a walk and a picnic in the sunshine. Love chestnut trees! They're so majestic, don't you agree!
And then a divine bisque for me (no picture sadly, it found its way to my tummy within seconds), and buns for the rest of the family served on our picnic blanket. 
Then we got back home (after lazying around in the sunshine, playing at the playground and some more walking) and continued our day. Not long after we got back home, the sky darkened and lightning struck and was followed by thunderstorms making our windows rattle! 
So I'm ending this Saturday night doing what I love, reading, while listening to the rain falling on my windowsills. ❤️đŸ‘ŒđŸ» 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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