söndag 4 juni 2017

Pray for the world

It's a terrifying thought, that all these acts of terror and violence that is now hurting us more frequently then ever before, are here to stay. That they're to be something to expect and fear wherever we venture to in this world. Yesterday London was hit by yet another terrorist attack, and that is less than two weeks since the awful suicide bombing in Manchester, and not even three months since the terrorist attack in the vicinity of the Palace of Westminster and Westminster bridge, and only a month after the terrorist attack in Stockholm.

According to British press we've had as many as 533 terrorist attacks in the world 2017 already, with 3 627 fatalities. Why? I'm really, really struggling with the "why"! Am I such a unique person when thinking enough is enough? 

Let whatever injustices (religious, racial or otherwise) that has been hurting the people of this world - some for generations, rest. Leave them in the past by choosing forgiveness and love. Let go of hate! Let us make this world one of peace, understanding and happiness. Do not pass on your hurt, your anger, your need for revenge, your hate, your pain, your mistrust, your fears or your mistakes to those around you. Especially not to our children! 

Please, let go of pain, of hate and your need for vengeance. Let us all try to be better humans, embracing each other and choosing to cherish our diversities instead of fearing or hating them. Open your hearts, and your minds, and let them be touched by the people you once called your enemies. Or the ones you feared. Lay down your weapons, and let them be forgotten. 

Let the children play and embrace their amazing ability to see beyond the diversities, that strangely separates us when being adults. Follow their lead in loving each other wholeheartedly, no matter what we look like, where we're from or what we believe in. Let our children be our guides, with their unspoiled innocence. Let them show us the way - to teach us to love and respect each other again. To laugh, to feel safe and to be happy. To forgive, and to move on. 

Please, let us come together and make a change. Let love win! We're better than this! We humans are better than this! I know we are! ❤️🌎


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