torsdag 15 juni 2017

New encounters

When I sat outside eating my lunch at work today, something bumped into my forehead. Or rather flew right into me. Because of the size I knew instantly that it wasn't a huge thing, but as I'm not really fond of insects that insight alone made me scream like a little girl. My colleague laughed and when I said (screamed) "take it off me", we both noticed it had left my head and now had fallen down inside her blouse... And did she scream! My friend, not the beetle! My God! I laughed so hard I almost couldn't stand up. She was dancing like a wild one, screaming like crazy as she tried to get rid of it, and after what felt like minutes (probably more like a few seconds) it finally fell to the ground. 
It's a "tallbock" female (one of our biologists told us) and no, she doesn't eat people (they prefer wood), but that didn't really register when we tried to push her off us! 😂 I don't mind them when being on the ground or anywhere else other than on me! Like I said in an earlier blog post; I like them when I don't have to touch them or have them touching me! 

I'm not sure it has an English name, "tallbock", but you could always look up the scientific name; Monochamus sutor.

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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