tisdag 27 juni 2017


Needs. Trembling, breathtaking and aching needs. My needs. A hunger aching deep inside, so strong that it makes my head spin. Over and over. Raw and untamed feelings bursting their way through my body, making my skin tingle. Like someone is close enough for me to sense their presence, but still out of reach for us touching. Skin on skin. Almost. Restless desires. Burning. Hot. Craving a release, calling for it like they had a voice of their own. 

I still them. I need to, to stay sane. I get my releases, as soon as I venture into other worlds than my own. My entire being screams for it. For me to let go of reality and to fulfill those needs. Nothing else is enough, not nearly enough. I need to read. It's almost not a choice, it's more like an addiction, a drug of my preferred choice. And God, do I love it! I crave it! All of me; heart, body and soul. I long for it! I ache for it. 
This is my happy place. Not a specific place in this world, but eye deep into a book. I've started my third book in a serie I started three days ago, and I know, it border on crazy. But this is me. This is who I am. This is where I thrive! Where I belong! What I love!

#smartgirlsread #ilovebooks #bookaddict

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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