fredag 23 juni 2017

Midsummer Eve

Midsummer Eve is slowly coming to an end. I'm the only one still up, my loved ones sleeping since hours back. I've had a great day, spending time with my family at my brothers and dads farm just outside the city where I grew up. My parents divorced when I was 6, but they still get together as friends when we celebrate whatever holidays together as a family. I think that is truly admirable, and it has meant everything to us kids as we grew up! Seeing mum and dad get together for us, to be able to be a whole family although the love between them withered and ended. So thank you guys! We love you for doing that for us! ❤️

I usually take a lot of pictures all day long, and I had planned to take pictures from our get together today, but for some reason I didn't. Kind of strange really. But maybe it was a good thing, keeping me in the moment and not hiding behind the camera. Anyhow, for that reason I can't show you any pictures from our Midsummer celebrations. But, I can tell you we didn't dance around any pole covered in flowers, and we didn't get drunk after drinking snaps all day! We did however eat pickled herring, and we absolutely ate strawberries with cream for dessert. Wouldn't have been Midsummer if we hadn't! 🍓🍓🍓

I drove home late afternoon and spent the rest of the day with my little family, having the best of times. Quiet (no alcohol and partying for me), but fun and very nice. ❤️

It's past midnight and it's raining outside. I've heard sirens from police cars and ambulances passing, the last two hours and I can't help thinking maybe more people should have considered a more quiet celebration today. And probably wished they had when waking up tomorrow. Midsummer is one of the messiest holidays of the year, alcohol truly brings out the worst in people, so I'm not surprised when listening to the sirens. But it still gets me a bit sad. We learn to have fun again, without drinking too much!
Laters babes!

Over and out 

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