mÄndag 19 juni 2017

Magic number

You know the rule of three? "All good things come in three". Or in Latin; "omne trium perfectum" - everything that comes in three is perfect. I live by it! I could never just pick two pieces of chocolate, I always pick three. It's like this thing where I know picking three of something is going to make it so much better, whatever it is! Wiping my hands when leaving the bathroom at work, I always pick three paper towels! It's almost like an OCD thing, come to think about it! 😆 It's like my lucky number, but not. Choosing just one number I always pick 6, but the 3 would be my second choice! And the strangest thing is, when something good happens in your life it's almost always a three thing! You might not know it at once, but in the end you could almost always count up to three great things happening! And the other way around, unfortunately. Even bad things comes in threes. 
Anyhow, the reason for me going on about this is the fact that I know have 3 more workdays left before vacation starts! And the 3 made me think! Have I had three great things happening today? Well yes! It's small things, but nevertheless! 1. Great day at work, finishing off old and time consuming issues, and getting great feedback! 2. Had a long, great and heartfelt talk with mini me ending my heart nearly bursting with joy, love and pride. She's such an amazing and smart little girl. 3. I finally found this great project that might be super interesting for us to join in on! More about that another day! So, you see, threes perfect! Even in the smallest of ways! ❤️

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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