torsdag 29 juni 2017

Kind of

It's really hard to let go of work these first days of vacay. Do you have the same problem when you leave work for a long vacation?  I had to work 3 hours yesterday and I had planned not to today, but I got another three hours done today as well. I don't mind though, quite the opposite. It feels good to get things done that otherwise would have to wait too long. Its kind of like me weaning of work at a slow and steady rate. 😆

But the good thing is I got the vacay dress code down, at least for couch time at night! 😆 The weather doesn't really support summer vacay wear, like bikinis or short summer dresses, it's too freakin' cold! But in one week I'll be in sunny Spain and hopefully spend most of my time there in a bikini! đŸ‘ŒđŸ»

Mini me has an ear infection so we're spending tomorrow trying to fence off that infection by taking it slow and do non active activities, like reading, painting or playing games inside. Here in Sweden the doctors usually doesn't prescribe antibiotics/penicillin for ear infections, which is a good thing considering antimicrobial resistance (antibiotic resistance), so we didn't get any when we visited the doctor today. But, the kind doctor promised that she would prescribe it if it got worse as we're flying to Spain next week. Fingers crossed though, that we won't need it. 

How's your summer so far?

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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