onsdag 28 juni 2017

Hidden battles

Last night we were all touched by the news that one of Swedens most talented and respected actors, Michael Nyqvist, had died, only 56 years old. Apparently he held his battles with cancer hidden well, and far away from the social media circus, and his passing struck down as a bomb here in Sweden. I've read condolences from all over the world and from all levels of society on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well as in various newspapers and tv shows. My heart aches for his family and loved ones, and for the world who has lost a beautiful man, way to early. He has left a huge void in this world that very few could ever fill. 

It made me wonder about social media and the easy access we have to information these days. The silence before his passing. On one hand it's reassuring that it's still possible to stay off the grid when you need to, even for famous people. That what ever you're going through that you want to keep private, is still possible to keep hidden. I guess that is hugely dependent on your friends and family integrity too. Either way, it feels good to know that not everything must be flaunted or gossiped about online when it comes to our celebrities. 

But, on the other hand, how did we ever get here in the first place? Why do we feel a need to stay online 24/7? Why do we live huge parts of our lives through social media instead of focusing on them, the people, closest to us? Why do we want to reach out like that? To thousands, or millions even? It's a very interesting question, and I'm absolutely one of those people that's somewhat depending on social media to fulfill some kind of need to be seen and listened to. And to see others. Of course, my life does not depend upon it, but I do like it. The attention. But then again, I don't have thousands upon thousands of followers, or people constantly questioning everything I say or do. I'm just an ordinary woman, airing some thoughts daily on a blog.

In my case it's much more interesting to ask why people read this blog in the first place, as it does nothing to add to the excitement of fame, because I have none. Perhaps the thoughts and actions of an ordinary woman is more exotic these days? Who knows! I'm happy you choose to read what I write and that some of you even keep returning on a regular basis. Thank you! And I guess I'll keep doing it as long as I find it fulfilling. But some things are meant to keep secret or hidden. Of that I'm certain. The world doesn't have to know every little detail or every little secret you have. At least I know I don't! I salute Mr Nyqvist for keeping his battles with this awful decease hidden - I'm sure it gave him and his family some comfort in knowing that they wouldn't be questioned or contacted by outsiders trying to get more information about it. The choice is theirs, and we should all respect that. 

Sending all my love and support to the Nyqvist family. Rest in peace Mr Michael Nyqvist - you will be greatly missed. ❤️

Fuck cancer

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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