fredag 16 juni 2017

Friday workout

It's Friday night and I have 4 workdays left before a 5 week vacation begins. Yeay! And a week from now, next Friday, we celebrate one of the biggest holidays in Sweden, Midsummer eve. That means we're off from work on Thursday already. I do love my job, but a vacation is a vacation! And being away from work makes me appreciate it more!đŸ‘ŒđŸ»
I started off this morning with an early morning workout session at the gym. Today was arms, shoulders and back day (which is all my weak areas) so my arms have been super shaky ever since, making it hard even to lift a glass of water to my mouth! 😆
Well, as you know, Fridays are also spent in the stables, where mini me has her riding lessons. So no matter how tired (noticeable in the picture above, which was taken on the way to the stables) I am after a week of working, going to the stables is always a positive thing, giving loads of positive energy back to us. And I love being there together with mini me, having the love of horses and riding in common. ❤️
Today she rode this little black beauty, Zeus. It's the third time this term that she gets to ride this little guy, and he's such a sport! He's friendly (except for when you thighten the saddle strap), responsive and he enjoys a good run, trotting happily and eagerly, which my daughter loves. Now we're taking a break from riding until august, when the lessons starts up again. We'll be missing our cuties, but they need a vacation as well as us!

How are you spending your summer?

Laters babes!

Over and out

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