lördag 24 juni 2017

Discovering new places

I've told you before here on the blog that I'm not really good at playing with mini me. We do regular stuff, like paint, and glue stuff together (what is it with kids and glue? She would glue everything if I let her!), we play games, we read books and today she pretended to be my hairdresser while I sat reading - but I'm not good at playing with her stuffed animals or dolls. And I'm not at all good at pretending to be someone else and acting like a princess or a witch or whatever. I've stopped trying because I know I suck at it! And I guess she's happy enough with my crafty skills because she's seems to be content with that and rarely ask me to do any of the stuff I'm not good at. 😆
Well, today we went on a long walk after the raining stopped and went to this beautiful playground that is built after a children's book character called "Pelle Tailless" (Pelle Svanslös" in Swedish). He's a cat without a tail, and he lives in Uppsala. Mini me loves the books about Pelle and his friends, and so did I growing up, so this playground is a popular one!
You find more information about the playground here! And most of the pictures are borrowed from that site.
It's so cute, just like stepping into the world of Pelle with friends! 
Pelle is the cat with the green ribbon around his neck and "Maja" is his girlfriend. ❤️
Mini me enjoys the small houses, here the bakery!
Every little detail seems to be thought through, making it a great place for kids!
Super fun! 
So, if you're planning a visit to Uppsala and if you have kids, don't forget to go visit Pelle and Maja! Your kids will love it, and probably you too! 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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