tisdag 6 juni 2017


It's the National Day of Sweden today, and generally we don't really make a huge deal of that. We just get together with family and friends wearing flowers in our hair (optional) and eating strawberry cake with whipped cream, decorated with little Swedish flags. It's only been a national holiday since 2005, so I guess we're not quite clear yet on how to celebrate it! Our neighbors, Norway, are really great at celebrating their National Day (17/5) so we could learn a thing or two from them! But we have time! 
Had a little help from Snapchat adding those flowers to my hair. Didn't really wear any today. 😆
We haven't celebrated today at all in my little family. I've explained to my daughter what today was, but we didn't have cake (she might be the only child in the world that doesn't eat strawberries), but we enjoyed some ice cream at the playground and we did see quite a few Swedish flags on the way there. I was more happy about seeing the honeysuckle and the lilacs blooming. The scent of them mixing and lingering in the air as I walked away. 
So beautiful! ❤️
The lilacs is a true sign of summer don't you think! đŸ‘ŒđŸ»
Tomorrow I'm back at work again after nearly 4 days of. I had to work a few hours yesterday and today, but I was fine with it. There's just 12 workdays left before my 6 week summer vacation starts so I've got to make sure to handle everything before that and not leaving any loose ends! 

When are you leaving work for your summer vacation? Are you planning on doing anything special or just looking forward to some truly lazy days?

Laters babes!

Over and out

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