tisdag 2 maj 2017


Its been a beautiful day yet again today. The month of May is just starting off in the best of ways! Picked up my little family after work and went on a picnic dinner in the evening sun in the park next to my daughters favourite playground. ❤️ 

My husband got back from his trip to England around midnight yesterday, so this picnic thing was just the perfect way for some needed family time. Mini me was super happy playing with both her parents after dinner.

Unfortunately I'm feeling a bit poorly, I guess it was my turn getting that cold that everyone but me seems to have had these last few weeks. But it's so not the right time. I'm supposed to meet up with some old friends that I haven't seen in ages tomorrow night, but I just might end up having to cancel. Or rather postpone the dinner! 
I know this is a hideous picture of me, but the blog is all about me, right! The good and the bad. So you should know me even when I'm not at my best! 😉
And as you can see I'm off to bed, early, to cure my cold. 

Laters babes!

Over and out

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