onsdag 24 maj 2017

Scents of summer

I love summer, and I love the smell of summer. All the gorgeous flowers now spreading their beautiful scent in the air around us.
Today I will enjoy the sunshine and warm weather outside, and I won't think of work at all. Today is Feast of the Ascension-day in Sweden which means that most of us are off from work. And some of us are off from work tomorrow as well (I am), so I'm looking forward to 4 days off. Technically. Something's come up at work that will force me to work a few hours on Friday and then again on Sunday. But for today, I refuse to go down that road although my mind is occupied with the issue needing my attention. I've spent way to much time thinking about it already, so today I'm not! I'll venture out in the sunshine instead and enjoy a day with my loved ones. ❤️

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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