mÄndag 29 maj 2017

Shitty day

Forgot my glasses at home today. Well, no, truthfully I just couldn't find them this morning when I had to leave for work. Somehow I'd misplaced them. Either way, without them reading/working on the computer is a horribly challenging task! So right about now, 3 hours after getting back home again, my eyes are itchy red and my back and neck are hurting (from trying to come close enough to the screen to read properly, no matter the strange back bending/twisting position that put me in).
As I see it there's just no other solution to this mess - than a piece of chocolate! 
And yes, I found my glasses after an whole hour searching for them, turning the house upside down! Where? In the bathroom cupboard, in a toiletries bag. Super obvious, right! First place I should have looked this morning! 😂

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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