lördag 27 maj 2017

Hot hot hot

What a beautiful day we've had today! A clear blue sky and so so warm! I know this is a Swedish thing, and everyone else other than us Swedes must think I talk too much about the weather! But for real, starting a conversation with a Swede is simple, just start talking about the weather! There isn't a Swede out there that doesn't have a strong opinion about it! Either it's too warm, too cold, too cloudy, too windy, too rainy or just too grey!  đŸ€Ł
Mini me has her bff here for their first sleepover ever. We tried this autumn, but we had to take the bff home when she came down with a fever. But today it seems we won't have to! Fingers crossed! They've had a great day together! First stop was at the river running through Uppsala, FyrisĂ„n, to feed the ducks. They loved it, both the girls and the ducks! We apparently have some truly hungry ducks in FyrisĂ„n. 😆 And afterwards we had ice cream and water! 
Second stop was the playground at our house. They caught ants by building traps (?!) and then came back up to the apartment to rest in the shade on the balcony while having a girly talk.
Third stop was the "Cirkus" playground where we had a picnic barbecue dinner. I sat on my beautiful blanket that I inherited from my grandparents, but the girls wasn't at all interested in joining me on it.
But the most important thing was them eating, and I didn't really care if they did that on the blanket or not!
Now we're back home again. The girls are bathed and dressed in their pjs. I'm about to go and read them a story and then hopefully they'll sleep all night (again, fingers crossed)!

What have you been up to this gorgeous Saturday?

Laters babes!

Over and out

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