fredag 26 maj 2017

Forget me not

Such a small and, at first sight, insignificant flower. But I love it. Forget-me-not. Absolutely beautiful! ❤️ I found them when going on a walk with mini me earlier today, and I couldn't resist to take one of them with me. To me they represent Swedish summers and I have so many memories connected to this little flower.
It's not my favourite, but I guess you could call it the runner up for that title. Water avens are still my number one! ❤️

I've been spending parts of my day enjoying the sunshine whilst reading a book. Almost as good as lying by the beach, don't you think! 🤣
On this day, 4 weeks away, I'll start my summer vacation. Can't wait! ❤️ We're going to fly to Spain (after leaving the cats with my parents in law) and stay at the apartment for 3 weeks. Sooo looking forward to that! What are you doing this summer?

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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