tisdag 16 maj 2017

Cut it off

I cut my hair today, rather my hairdresser did. And I had her cover all my grays too. 🙊
I'm happy I don't have to leave the salon looking like this! The foil just doesn't do it for me! 😝
And the finished result was this, like 5 cm shorter hair. I know my mother would prefer me to cut off even more, having me end up with a bob (right, mum?). But! For once I'll learn my lesson and remember how much I always end up regretting cutting my hair short. 

Now I'm off to date my Kindle. I need to finish this book series I'm reading. Unfortunately I find it to get more and more boring, but I'm still gonna follow it through and read them all. Maybe the author just had a bad day/week/month and will snap back at it! I'll give her some extra time to find her way back to the greatness of the earlier books in this series (Gender game, written by Bella Forrest). How do you do when reading a book series and somewhere in the middle of it start to get bored or disliking it completely? Do you stop reading/give up, or do you continue on in the hope that it will get better? 

Laters babes!

Over and out

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